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Essence of Beef Burger

6 oz., griddled hand-formed patty, infused with oxtail essence. Butter toasted challah bun lathered in house Oxtail & Hennessy gravy and mayo. Topped with melted gruyere, cheese curds & crispy onion strings. LIMITED SUPPLY:  call ahead to see if available.

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Lobster Poutine

Succulent Canadian lobster, fries, cheese curd, citrus & garlic cream sauce, & roasted corn. Treat yourself.

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Healthy & Happy

Fresh Mahi-Mahi, butter-toasted Challah bun, w/ zesty remoulade, iceberg & thick-cut tomato. Grilled/fried.

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Smoked Brisket

USDA Choice Angus, hand-trimmed, secret rub. Slow-smoked in house over hickory, until tender & delish.

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Sweet n savory - hitting all the right spots. House smoked, deep-fried, tossed in our famous glaze.

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Deviled Eggs

Egg whites deep fried in gluten free breading. Cajun-seasoned whipped yolk, Sriracha mayo & chopped scallions. A Tubs delicacy.

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Fried Chicken

Buttermilk fried chicken, fries, pickled jalapenos & cheddar cheese curd. Totally satisfying.

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(scratch n sniff)

Food that Comforts, Nourishes & Delights

Just Gravy

Roasted beef bones, caramelized mirepoix & secret spice and herb blend, simmering low for hours & hours. Add aromatic jus from braised oxtail. Perfection.

Yes, please

Wall of Love

Tub's take on classic poutine hits pretty close to the scores of poutine I tried while visiting Montreal. The oxtail gravy was peppery and creamy. I would dig that brown gold on anything. ...

I also got their Cadillac Burger which was really juicy and seasoned well. The melted cheese curds definitely put the burger over the top.

My wife had the PBLT (Pork Belly). She said it was one of the best sandwiches she ever had.

Ryan M., 12/6/2020
Yelp, 5 Stars

It was a remarkable visit to this restaurant indeed. I am very happy I was able to find this place. I found this incredible place by accident. It was truly destined. All of their foods were stunning from the presentations until the taste. I won't hesitate to recommend this restaurant to all of my co-workers and relatives.

William Johnson, 1/5/2021
Google, 5 Stars

The staff and service is 5/5 and so is the food. It has a delicious taste and leaves you full. The poutine is lovely and you can now bring friends/family who may not be the biggest fans of poutine since there are now more options on the menu.

Chelsea Sanchez, 11/18/20
Google, 5 Stars

Different and delicious. Had the smoked BBQ poutine... Such an explosion of flavor, artistic presentation, wish I'd have thought to snap a pic. Friendly and attentive staff! Highly recommend.

Branon W., 11/27/2020
Yelp, 5 Stars

Seen this on the telly many times. When I saw one in my neighborhood I had to try it. It was amazing. Flavors are endless, portions are massive and prices are very good. I'll be going here once a week, I'm sure. Had the privilege of talking to the owner for about 45 minutes. You can really see the passion for food he has. Awesome guy, nice place, very clean.

Malakai Dodson, 12/27/2020
Google, 5 Stars

We came on Black Friday, and left SO STUFFED. We each did different build-your-own bowls. Their signature oxtail gravy is phenomenal, and all the components were well prepped and tasty. We will be back!

Faith. L., 11/27/2020
Yelp, 5 Stars

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